Enjoy quality time with your family and guests with our excellent service and hospitality in our spacious clubhouse

[ Clubhouse ]

The design of our clubhouse incorporates both traditional
and modern Japanese aesthetic elements.
While you take your car for a spin around the track course,
your friends and family can take advantage of our club's many amenities,
which include indoor and outdoor hot spring baths
and a 25m outdoor swimming pool.

[ Fitness & health ]

From the convenience of our clubhouse,
you and your guests can enjoy a leisurely swim in the pool,
an invigorating bath in the onsen.
After training on the driving course, get refreshed in our spa facilities while taking in spectacular views of Tokyo Bay and Mt.Fuji.

[ Family Fun ]

MAGARIGAWA offers amenities not just for drivers but for their family members as well.
Your kids can use up all that bountiful little-kid energy in the outdoor playground while your pup explores the park we designed just for canines like him/her.
Or, make it an outing for the whole family and explore the local nature trails with a picnic basket, blanket, and a bottle of wine.

[ Pit Lane ]

Our state of the art pit building offers members a comfortable space for times between their thrilling and satisfying drives around the circuit.
With a maximum capacity of 36 vehicles, our pit lanes are climate controlled,
equipped with fueling stations, and staffed by mechanics that are there to help you enjoy a stress free drive each and every time.