Opening 2022 in Minamiboso,
a world class private driving club like no other

[ Dream ]

Remember when you were a kid.

Cars were fun.
Even if you couldn't drive yet, you could imagine yourself driving down the road.
Your imagination was limitless. You dreamed of one day speeding around the circuit or owning the road and burning rubber in your favorite car.
MAGARIGAWA was founded on that dream. And we’re turning that dream into reality.

[ Legendary ]

There are a variety of private road courses and race tracks scattered across the globe today,

including circuits that any motorsports fan have heard of and courses that famous racecar drivers once trained at. Some of these places became legendary, locations that petrolheads aspire to visit. At MAGARIGAWA, we aspire to join the ranks of these legendary tracks by creating a truly exceptional road course and an unparalleled driving experience.

[ Location and Access ]

Take in breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Bay, and the surrounding landscape at a private location just 1 hour away from central Tokyo

MAGARIGAWA is conveniently located near Tokyo(60 mins/car), Tokyo International Airport (60 mins /car), Despite being located near the city, it offers visitors the beauty of the countryside, a welcoming mountainside bouquet of sakura (cherry blossom), momiji(maple), and bamboo trees. Enjoy the cool ocean breezes in the summer, the brightly colored foliage in autumn and the fresh green canopy of the forest in the springtime.

[ Symbol ]

The club’s name and logo design were developed in accordance with the Zen Buddhist notion of Mui-Shizen , meaning to go with nature's flow

Japan is blessed with abundant mountains and rivers and the ever changing natural beauty of its seasons. Perhaps as a result of this, the Japanese have learned the art of giving oneself over to the particular space and pace of a place becoming one with nature and going with its flow. In keeping with the spirit of Mui-Shizen , the naming of and logo design for our club were inspired by the unique geography of the facility`s location. We used the kanji character “巛” as a motif. We hope that our members and their guests will be able to give themselves over to the plentiful natural spaces, distinctive atmosphere, and flow of time that make MAGARIGAWA truly like no other driving course in the world.