Magarigawa Academy

We know everyone is feeling quite uneasy these days because of the coronavirus pandemic. We hope all of you are not just washing your hands and gargling but also practicing self-care in general and taking every possible opportunity to de-stress, which is said to help strengthen your immune system, and stay healthy. For those of you who have unfortunately fallen ill or have someone fighting the virus, we hope for a swift recovery.

On Saturday March 21st, we held our very first event exclusive to our club member.

The Magarigawa Academy, at Fuji Speedway’s driving facility “Mobilitas”.



Up until the very last minute, we were keeping a close eye on the situation. Since it wasn’t going to be a large-scale event with lots of people coming, which would have to be cancelled because of the pandemic, we decided to go ahead as planned while of course taking all necessary precautions to avoid the spread of any virus.

The weather was beautiful, and everyone that participated seemed to really enjoy the event and was able to experience the founding concept of The Magarigawa Club: “Learning how to drive safer while receiving instruction from a professional driver and seeing what your high-performance car is really made of.”

We kept each group to a small number of drivers, so they were able to talk with their instructor directly. And as a result, all participants responded positively in the questionnaires we handed out afterwards. We also got some rave reviews re: Mobilitas’ facilities, which include special courses such as a low-friction test course that recreates the conditions of driving on snow-covered roads and let participants easily push their car to its limits.



For the last session of the day, everyone got revved up for some time trials to show off how much their skills improved over the course of the day’s activities. Everyone left with smiling faces after what was an exhausting but also satisfying day on the road.



Now we are preparing for the next Magarigawa Academy but depending on the circumstance we may be forced to postpone. If we can host another event, we’ll take all precautions to keep everybody safe from the infection.



Look out for news about our next Magarigawa Academy event!