MAGARIGAWA Academy 3rd & MAGARIGAWA Track Session Event report

This time we’d like to tell you about two club-member-exclusive events that we held last month.


【MAGARIGAWA Academy 3rd】

Photos taken at “Mobilitas” inside Fuji International Speedway

Photos taken at “Mobilitas” inside Fuji International Speedway

For our third Magarigawa Academy, we once again invited members of our instructor team formed by some of the greatest drivers Japan has produced. In small groups, participants learned a number of core driving techniques including techniques for braking, skid control, and cornering.

Our goal for these lessons is to make sure that all of our members are able to enjoy driving on our club’s unique course, which will be technically challenging with consecutive corners, giving them a great feel of connection with their beloved cars, but also thoroughly exhilarating. And so, it is our hope that by participating in the Magarigawa Academy, all participants—whether first-timer or a repeater—will be able to learn and master the driving skills they need to take on Magarigawa’s road course once our facilities officially open.


On site we also had a number of our vehicles on display and ready for test driving, offering event participants and guests another way to enjoy their time outside of the lessons.


【MAGARIGAWA Track Session】

The other event we’d like to tell you about was the Magarigawa Track Session, which was held on the Racing Course of Fuji International Speedway.

This is the first event we held on a full size racing circuit. And even though we were limited by time, the weather was fantastic, and it turned out to be the perfect day for driving around the track.


Just like the Magarigawa Academy event we had the previous week, event participants were able to test drive even more of the different vehicles we had on display. They were also able to enjoy our “circuit taxi”, which was driven by professional racing drivers. For the taxi, we used the Lamborghini Huracan EVO and the brand new Porsche Taycan, and it gave not just those driving but also their guests a fun way to experience the extremely  fast speeds on Fuji Speedway’s main track.

To ensure the safety and driving enjoyment of those participants who had been away from driving on the circuit for a while or who are not yet accustomed to circuit driving, we hosted a pre-drive briefing and offered our support in other ways as well. We also provided one-on-one sessions with an instructor for those who wished.


By riding along with or by following the instructor or even by being followed by an instructor, participants were able to receive tips in real time or learn through observation about how to maneuver through each turn on the track. After the driving session, they debriefed looking at data from a GPS logging device and onboard videos. All of the members who chose to have 1 on 1 training were delighted with the level of detailed advice they received before, during, and after the session. In the end there’s nothing better than a fully customized program with real time input.

So, as you can see from our newsletters, we’ve had quite a few driving events now. And every time we have one, more of our club members are responding enthusiastically. We understand that the travelling restrictions don’t make it easy for our international club members to join but we are really looking forward to meeting all of our club members in the near future. Please keep an eye out for our next event. 


From all the staff at The Magarigawa Club