The heat remains in the mid-autumn air in Tokyo, but how are you all doing?


The Magarigawa Club will open next spring.

It has been almost two and a half years since construction began, and the laying of the 3.5 km long course has progressed to the point where the driving course could be driven as a circuit in a short time.


The driving course at The Magarigawa Club is not a place where you would race to the tenth of a second like a race circuit, but rather a place where "you can drive your car at your own pace with joy and comfort".

We hope that this desire will become a part of a new lifestyle where you can spend time with your friends and family, as a place that fosters a "culture of driving pleasure".


We have published a video on YouTube comparing the view in the racing simulator and the actual site at its current state.

We hope that the video of the dynamic course reproduced on site, just as it is in the racing simulator, gives you a better sense of the progress of the construction than ever before.

As announced recently, we have started accepting applications for Associate Membership from August 2022.

Associate Members have certain restrictions on the number of days and use of facilities, but can use the driving course, clubhouse building and other key facilities with their guests.