Landscape Design Partner

CEO /Fuji Ueki

Takeshi Nariya

Designing and managing traditional
Japanese gardens and landscapes for over 170 years

Established as a garden and landscaping firm during the final years of Japan’s Edo Period, our company has been planting, designing, and nurturing gardens for over 170 years-and staying true to our traditions. Recently, we transplanted a large tree that has been living since the Edo Period. While we made use of high-tech machinery for its transport, we also leveraged traditional tree-handling skills which we’ve developed over the generations. We believe that it is essential to leverage not only the latest technology but also traditional techniques, making use of one or the other or both depending on the situation. When we first heard about the plan to build the world’s first private driving course here in Japan, we wondered what part our firm would have to play in the project. Now, we are truly excited about and thoroughly engaged in it. We hope that people from around the world will come and appreciate the unique beauty Japan has to offer.