Hospitality Management Partner

CEO / Kanaya Resorts

Joji Kanaya

Ensuring our members and their guests receive
exceptional service and hospitality

It was a few years ago when we first heard about the plan to build a private driving course here in Japan. And as we learned more about the ambitious project—to build what will not only be a first in Japan but in the world—we grew more interested and excited. Now the dream is finally becoming a reality. Because a facility of this kind has yet to be operated in Japan, a process of trial and error will be inevitable in the beginning as all those involved in the project work exceptionally hard to realize their vision.
It is not true that long-established firms like ours never change. We are constantly taking on new challenges, which eventually become a part of our history and traditions that are inherited and improved over time. With THE MAGARIGAWA CLUB, we are embarking on yet another new challenge as our firms collaborate to produce a kind of private driving course which would only be possible here in Japan. In this endeavor, we will be integrating cutting-edge technology with Japanese culture and Omotenashi—genuine hospitality. We think this will be the start of something truly extraordinary.