CEO / Maeda Corporation

Soji Maeda

Maeda Corporation started its business in 1919 as a civil engineering firm working in mountainous areas.

At present, the firm is involved with projects both in and outside of Japan in the areas of dam, tunnel, and bridge construction as well as in the construction of hotels and condominiums. However, we have not been involved in the construction of a road course, until now.
When we first heard about the scale of this project, which is like nothing else in the world we’ve heard of, I was taken aback. I can remember the exhilaration I felt at hearing about this ambitious project.
I think it will be a real challenge for us but also a project for which the expertise that we’ve accumulated over our 100 years in the business is uniquely suited.
The construction will span three years, and over 800 of our workers will be on site.
As we perfect various aspects of the project, we are looking forward to its completion.