Architectural Design Partner

CEO / 16A

Tatsuya Ogawa

Whenever I’m working on a design, I ask myself two questions:
Does this building work with the surrounding environment?
And, is this design unique, a design that can only be found here?

My design for the clubhouse at THE MAGARIGAWA CLUB was inspired by “Shinden-Zukuri”, an architectural style that can be traced back to Japan’s Heian period. The design of the clubhouse is a fusion of traditional elements and modern technology. While its motif is centered on a traditional Japanese style emphasizing a harmonious relationship with nature, it also expresses the sensation of speed and excitement of motorsports through the use of glass, metal, and cutting-edge technology. Achieving balance with the natural environment is a key feature of Japanese aesthetics. In regards to the other buildings that I designed, I think I was able to develop a style that works in harmony with the surrounding environment by choosing a nature-based motif and making use of the topography of the location. I think what makes the MAGARIGAWA Club truly unique—and really like no other driving club in the world—is this fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics with advanced technology and its harmonious existence in the natural environment.