Driving Advisory Partner

CEO / Inter Proto Motorsport

Masanori Sekiya

It’s been over four decades since I first became involved in motorsports. And, over the years, I’ve driven in all sorts of environments. In recent years however, in order to further master my driving techniques and more fully enjoy driving my favorite vehicles, I’ve found myself driving mainly at racing circuits here in Japan. MAGARIGAWA’s course is like no other, featuring uphill curves and replicating unique aspects of Japanese roads. It is also challenging, encouraging you to envision navigating Japan’s narrow, winding “Touge” mountain passes. Instead of being a place for competitive racing, the driving course at MAGARIGAWA is suited ideally for learning, practicing, and improving one’s skills behind the wheel—independent of your level of experience or the performance of your automobile. I hope other motorsports enthusiasts will make use of MAGARIGAWA’s driving course in order to better understand the capabilities of their automobiles, learn how to best handle their cars on the road, and enjoy driving like never before. It is also my hope that, by taking lessons with me and my team, you will be able to achieve your car’s full potential and experience all that your vehicle has to offer.