New video upload

We’d like to share with you some photos from the filming of a video we recently uploaded to our site. In the video, we introduce you to Takeshi Nariya, the CEO of Fujiueki, the landscaping firm we’re working with to beautify the grounds and gardens of The Magarigawa Club.

The interview portion of the video was filmed in Mr. Nariya’s living room, which you can see in the photo here.


(Filming took place in the summer of 2019)

During the filming, we learned that this gardener carefully polishes his work tools each time he uses them and that he’s been using these same tools for decades now. He even has a tool that is over a century old.

When we think of “design”, we typically tend to think of computer-rendered graphics. But at Fujiueki, the design process begins with hand-painted watercolor images and is bound up with the company’s traditions. There is something heart-warming and inspiring about the images and not at all like what you find with computer-generated images. The paintings convey the intention and story behind the designs. 


Check out the new video on our website to learn more about Fujiueki.

Finally, we talked about how gardens evolve as the days and months pass. Vines climb up the trees, moss grows on the rocks, and a totally new atmosphere is created—a space dramatically different from what is seen at the start of each project. 


We hope that visitors to The Magarigawa Club will say, “Wow, look how much it’s changed!” and not just enjoy but really look forward to the ever-changing greenery.