Magarigawa Academy 2nd

This time we’d like to share with you some photos* from the second edition of the club members’ driving event, the Magarigawa Academy which we held in mid July on the short track at Fuji Speedway.

During the first Magarigawa Academy session we held back in March, lessons were focused on the basics of driving, so this time, the emphasis was more on experiencing the real thrill of driving on a circuit.

*From left to right, our academy instructors, Mr.Taku Banba, Mr.Hiroshi Hamaguchi, Mr.Seiji Ara, Mr.Masanori Sekiya, Mr.Yuya Sakamoto, Mr.Kei Francesco Cozzolino.


In small-sized group lessons and under the direction of professional racing drivers, participants got plenty of time to drive, and we heard that many of our members were able to significantly improve their driving skills—and in just one day.

*In consideration of the current situation with the pandemic, we asked that all those participating in our Magarigawa Academy events to keep distance, wear masks (as a requirement), and disinfect their hands in order to prevent transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Thank you for your cooperation.


We hope that everyone who participated was able to really enjoy and get another step closer to driving the Magarigawa track with the unique features of and invigorating driving experience offered by Fuji Speedway’s short track.


We’d also like to tell you about another great way to get some driving practice done in your free time. 


Some of you may already be familiar with the racing simulator, which we’ve used for test driving of The Magarigawa Club’s road course. We’ve already received many inquiries about it, and we are now preparing to offer a racing simulator package sporting the club’s logo mark. It will be made available for purchase exclusively to our members.


The software under the hood is Assetto Corsa, which is a racing simulation program developed by Kunos Simulazioni, an Italian software development studio that has contracts with a number of automakers. The simulator allows you to drive MAGARIGAWA’s course year-round or any number of world-famous circuits—from the comfort of your own home or office—in a wide variety of new and antique cars.


 Only 1.2 m wide and 1.6 m long, the simulator is surprisingly compact and includes an ultrawide, 49-inch curved display (with a 32:9 aspect ratio), giving you the expanded field of view you need to take on and virtually enjoy Magarigawa’s challenging course.

Although you’ll be driving in a virtual world the way you structure your outing in your head is the same, and you cannot ignore the effects of muscle memory of driving frequently.