About our progress on site

As we previously informed you on this newsletter, we published an official press release about The Magarigawa Club for both Japanese and international media in mid-August. Many of you may have seen the news in magazines or on the web. Since then, we’ve been receiving inquiries left and right. And the impressive response is making us work even harder to achieve the high expectations we are receiving.


Sending out the press release brings us one step closer to seeing something that we vaguely imagined once upon a time become reality. With the support of our members, we hope to make The Magarigawa Club into a place we can all be truly proud of and show the world. We’d like to turn it into a destination that all auto enthusiasts will aspire to visit. 



This time around, we would like to share you with some information about the progress we’ve made on site. 

In the graphic below, you can see the spot (demarcated by a star) where the Groundbreaking ceremony was held this past June. The red line shows you the route followed by the temporary road that we completed at the beginning of this month. As you can see, we’ve almost reached the top of the mountain the area where the clubhouse will be built.

In July, we also viewed the site by helicopter. From the sky, we were able to spot the heavy machinery moving down below. And when we toured the site on the ground, we were able to experience the sloping terrain, which is one of the major characteristics of the location, for ourselves.

This time last year, Chiba Prefecture was hit by a massive typhoon, and the large-scale damage made the nightly news. Fortunately, the areas being developed for The Magarigawa Club were not terribly affected—except for many fallen trees.


While there will likely be some challenges to overcome in the coming months, like torrential rains that can interrupt construction, our team on the ground will continue working diligently every day to ensure that the project gets completed on time. 

We should have another update for you soon, so look out for that in your inbox.