New Video Up on Our Website/Magarigawa Driving Simulators Now Available for Purchase

In this newsletter, we wanted to tell you about a video we just uploaded to our website. It’s an interview with the CEO of Tecpro Barriers, the company that created the energy absorbing barriers which are de facto global standard.

Rafael Galiana, CEO of Tecpro Barriers

Rafael Galiana, CEO of Tecpro Barriers

Tecpro Barriers represents the cutting edge in circuit safety. They use energy absorbing structure and materials providing robust performance in their barriers to reduce the impact of collisions, and their barriers are now being relied on for their capability to improve safety even on most of the new international racetracks.


We are aiming to provide a safer driving experience at The Magarigawa Club by leveraging Tecpro Barriers’ technology on our road course.


In the interview, Mr. Galiana discusses the significance of Tecpro barriers to the Magarigawa project and offers his thoughts about Japan. It was an interesting conversation with some glimpse of his lovely personality showing, so we hope you can find some time to check out the video.

【Magarigawa Driving Simulators Now Available for Purchase】


As we mentioned in a previous newsletter, we are making our driving simulators available for purchase exclusively to our club members. We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you more information about these very special made-to-order racing simulators emblazoned with our club’s logo.

The simulators feature Assetto Corsa, sophisticated sim racing software created by Kunos Simulazioni, an Italian video game developer that has contracts with various car manufacturers. You can choose from a variety of vehicles—new or classic, foreign or domestic—and drive not only on Magarigawa’s road course but also on many of the world’s most respected racetracks. 


While the simulators are compact, only 1.2 m in width and 1.6 m in length, they come with a 49-inch, ultrawide curved display with a 32:9 aspect ratio. This gives you the wide viewing angle you need to realistically experience Magarigawa’s challenging road course and enjoy a truly immersive simulation.

Participants really enjoyed driving with these simulators at the “Magarigawa Virtual Drive with KAMUI” event that we held last year.

Magarigawa logo engraved into the frame of each simulator

Magarigawa logo engraved into the frame of each simulator

We are offering other color variations as well as options in parts and peripherals. If you would like to receive more detailed information about the simulators, please get in touch with our staff.


For members who already have a simulator running on Windows PC, we also prepared to remotely install just the Magarigawa track into your PC via the internet so please let us know if you would like to drive the Magarigawa track on your simulator.


If you would like to try out the driving simulators for yourself, you can find them on display at the following locations: