Magarigawa Virtual Drive with Kamui

Last month, The Magarigawa Club held a special virtual driving event at Cornes Reserve, the facility of Cornes Group providing vehicle storage service near Haneda airport. The three-day event gave attendees a chance to try out the club’s road course via our driving simulators.

We invited Pro racing driver Kamui Kobayashi, who has famously competed at Formula One and Le Mans 24Hours,and was fresh from winning his first World Endurance Championship as our special guest to the event.

Participants got the chance to drive with Kamui, who took the lead on the track, offering advice and tips on how to handle technically difficult aspects of Magarigawa’s course. 


Communicating with Kamui on their headsets, participants took on the 20% gradient and 22 corners that make our course challenging and got to really hit the pedal to the metal on the 800-meter long straight. Everyone who participated in the event had a great time trying out the virtual track.

We strove to offer everyone who attended the event an enjoyable and comfortable experience. We equipped our driving simulators with Ultra-Wide displays and the venue with a high-end sound system to optimize the immersive acoustic and visual aspects of the virtual drive. 


We also provided an excellent selection of wine and hors d'oeuvres.

At the venue, we had on display a selection of our finest sports cars and our latest miniature 3D representation of The Magarigawa Club.

We hope that we were able to provide you here with some idea of what we think makes our events and our club so unique.


It looks like we have more cold days ahead this winter, so please do stay warm and safe out there!