“SUV Trail Drive” event at The Magarigawa Club construction site

In this newsletter, we’d like to share with you some photos from our recent event,  “Magarigawa SUV Trail Drive”.

With only gravel service roads available at this moment, there was always risk of having to cancel the event depending on the weather. Fortunately, it turned out to be a beautiful day, and the conditions were perfect for an entertaining drive up and down the hills.

We had the surface of the road specially prepared for the event. 


The steepest part of the road featured a gradient of approxmitaly 50%!


Under the close watch of a special team of driving instructors including five-time Paris Dakar rally Production-car-class winner Jun Mitsuhashi, participants were able to test out the off-road capabilities of their automobiles while tackling the terrain in a relatively safe yet fun way. 


We hope that everyone who participated in the event enjoyed this unique and rare opportunity to explore and drive off-road on our site. This kind of event is possible only at this early stage in the construction project—the perfect timing to take advantage of some precious unpaved road in the mountains!


The participants were able to get a real feel for the actual scale of the location, in taking in the view from the spot at which the clubhouse will be built and looking at our latest model of the site.

Event participants were also able to take photos of their vehicles next to some large-size, heavy-duty machinery you rarely see to commemorate the day.