Introducing our new and improved driving simulator and new 3D models of the site

This time we’d like to tell you about some improvements we’ve made to two of the very important tools we use to give our members and prospective members a real feel for our club, which we can’t physically visit just yet. 


Many of you may have seen our miniature 3D representation of the club and/or tried out our driving simulator, which gives you some idea of what it will be like to drive on The Magarigawa Club’s unique road course.


Recently, we’ve updated our toolset to bring it in line with the latest updates to our project. The newer versions, which are shown in the photos below, more accurately recreate what the whole area will be like when we open our doors.

New 1:660 Scale Model of the Full Site


This model offers a detailed representation of the entire course, including the surrounding trees, and you can see how the sloping sections of the course really take advantage of the terrain.

New 1:200 Scale Model of the Clubhouse, Owners’ Paddocks, and Surrounding Area


Until now, the only way to visualize the interior of the clubhouse and owners’ paddocks has been through our drawings and floor plans. So, we had an architectural model created of the clubhouse, owners’ paddocks, and the surrounding environment at a scale of 1:200. It is quite a detailed representation showing not just the building exteriors but also the interior spaces. By lifting the roof and second floor, you can actually peer inside to get a closer look at each of the club’s facilities.

New and Improved Driving Simulator


On our driving simulator, which we’ve made available for sale exclusively to members of The Magarigawa Club, we had our logo carved into the side frame. Use of an ultrawide, curved display, as pictured above, makes the experience more immersive. We think you’ll be able to enjoy a more thrilling and compelling driving simulation this way.


Through our new 3D models and updated driving simulator, we hope to provide our members with tools that can help you better imagine what the actual space will be like and start picturing yourself driving on the course and relaxing in the clubhouse—enjoying the spectacular views and Japan’s changing seasons at this one-of-a-kind location.