A year and a half have already passed since the start of construction.

The development of the Clubhouse and Driving Course has begun in the woods of Minamiboso.


Please take a quick look at what the construction site of The Magarigawa Club looked like in 2020 and at the end of 2021.



A track that takes advantage of the terrain…

The symbolic double straightaways of the track are coming into view. 

With consideration of the surrounding topography, the construction is underway to cut through the mountains and connect the valleys.

In other areas the construction of roadbeds, installation of gutters and curbs are already progressing.

(Left)August 2020 (Right) December 2021

(Left)August 2020 (Right) December 2021

800m straightaway and challenging turns…

Before and after the straightaway, there are many corners where you can take advantage of the wide run-off area, such as the downhill braking into the esses and the three consecutive uphill right-handers where you can carry speed into the corners.

(Left)October 2020 (Right) December 2021

(Left)October 2020 (Right) December 2021

The Clubhouse as the Core of Activities…

The construction of the Clubhouse, which will be 80 meters long and 40 meters wide when completed, has the concrete foundation work and infrastructure work in progress. Walking around the area, you can feel its size.