Originally designed racing gear of The Magarigawa Club was unveiled at the recently held MAGARIGAWA Academy 4th.

Based on the concept of 'classical', the simple design is based on a dark grey, with piping in various places to make the look stylish, and the embroidery thread is an elegant gold.


In order to achieve a satisfactory grey colour, we went through a process of trial and error, adjusting the colour of the suit and reworking the racing suit itself.


The helmet, which matches the colour of the suit, is a calm matt grey with gold lines, and is decorated with an original MAGARIGAWA plate on the side, giving it a more profound feel.

The shoes and gloves underwent a model change during the production period, and it took a lot of time to finalise each design, including starting over from scratch.


As for the innerwear, we have prepared balaclavas, inner tops, inner pants and socks, all of which are FIA-approved models, so the entire kit can be used in official races.


For those who do not have their own racing gear, a complete kit is available, and for those who already have their own gear, items can be purchased separately.


The opening of The Magarigawa Club is just over a year away.

We would like to encourage you to start driving with MAGARIGAWA racing gear.


Custom made racing suits and helmets require a lengthy production process, so please make sure to place your order early.

*Shoes and gloves are for illustration only, as the products are not yet in stock.

And the racing suits for the instructors have also been renewed from white to black.

They will also be wearing these racing suits when the facility opens, and will be holding driving lessons.