Garden of the clubhouse

The flowering season has passed and the cherry blossoms are now a brilliant green.

The weather has been fine and the construction of the clubhouse is progressing well. You can now go upstairs to the swimming pool, lounge and bar areas, which will be a place of relaxation for our guests.

In front of the clubhouse, a garden based on modern Japanese style will be created.

Last month, we visited various regions in Japan with specialists to select the trees and landscape stones that will be placed in the garden.

'Keiseki-stones' have a variety of roles.


As the characters '景石' suggest, they are stones for enjoying the scenery.

Stones for sitting on to watch the cars go by or to admire the view.

Stones that show different expressions as moss grows on them over the years.


As you expand your imagination, you will naturally put more thought into selecting a single stone.

While making the most of the plants and trees native to the site, new tall trees and seasonal flowers will be added to the garden to make it a garden where you can enjoy the landscape.


Over time, the transplanted trees will adapt to the environment. We expect the garden to become a 'driving course in nature', blending in with the native plants.


One of the attractions of The Magarigawa Club is that it is not just a facility where you can go for a drive, but also a place where you can relax and spend private time while admiring the scenery in all four seasons.