Introduction of our facilities

In July 2023, THE MAGARIGAWA CLUB, Asia's first members-only driving club, opened its doors. The 3.5km-long driving course features a unique layout with a maximum gradient of 20% uphill and 16% downhill, an 800m straight with 22 corners, ensuring safety while offering unparalleled elevation changes and sequence of corners not found elsewhere in the world. Designed to allow enjoyment even at low speeds, the track is not only for skilled drivers but is also suitable for drivers new to driving on track. We also have unique sessions welcoming family and friends onboard, and also sessions to enjoy the breeze in open cars without the need for helmets.

The clubhouse features an indoor pit lane equipped with climate control, ensuring comfort for drivers and their companions alike. 

Within the clubhouse, guests can indulge in a range of facilities including a 25-meter infinity pool, a natural hot spring sourced from a 918-meter-deep underground, a family lounge designed to keep children entertained, as well as a gym, spa, karaoke room, dining area, and bar lounge. Here, families and friends can each take centre stage and enjoy delightful moments together.

Overlooking Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Bay, the dining area offers meals crafted from locally sourced ingredients by KANAYA RESORTS, providing guests with an exquisite culinary experience.

The OWNER'S PADDOCK, designed for unwinding after a long day, is available for both overnight stays and daytime usage. Surrounded by abundant nature, guests can relax their mind and body in a private setting. The villa-style accommodation comprises nine units where guests can enjoy dynamic driving scenes from the terrace overlooking the driving course below.