Hi there again.


It feels like summer’s coming closer to its close as cooler winds and the scent of autumn fills the air.


In this newsletter, we wanted to tell you about two new videos we just uploaded to our website. The first is footage from an interview with Dr. Carsten Tilke from Tilke Engineers & Architects, the firm responsible for the design of our one-of-a-kind circuit, and the second is from an interview with Joyce Wang of the award-winning Joyce Wang Studio. 


Dr. Carsten Tilke<br>Managing Director at Tilke Engineers & Architects

Dr. Carsten Tilke
Managing Director at Tilke Engineers & Architects

The first video is actually the second in a series of videos with Dr. Tilke, who is a racetrack designer, race driver, and engineer and one of the managing directors and partners at Tilke Engineers & Architects. In our first video (Partner Interview Vol.5) with him, he tells us a little about the work of his firm, which is recognized as the world's leading designer of Formula One circuits and racetrack facilities. In the second video (Partner Interview Vol.10), or the one we most recently uploaded, he goes into detail about the challenges of designing and driving our unusual road course.

In the interview he says that “the perfect lap is not so easy on this track.” This hints at how his team was able to create a course that is both demanding and exhilarating. Because the track is not intended for racing, the team at Tilke could be more flexible with their design. They were able to take advantage of and incorporate the mountainous terrain through steep slopes, sharp turns, and other technically challenging and fun course features.


Unfortunately, you won’t be able to hit the pedal to the metal on this track just yet. But, in the meantime, you can explore these and other distinctive and exciting features of our club’s road course via our driving simulators.


In the other new video (Partner Interview Vol.11) you’ll find on our site, we meet Joyce Wang from Joyce Wang Studio, a boutique design firm with its own unique aesthetic and an impressive global portfolio of luxury hospitality interiors including the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London and the Equinox Hotel in New York.

Joyce Wang<br>Principal at Joyce Wang Studio

Joyce Wang
Principal at Joyce Wang Studio

We’ve entrusted her team with the design of our clubhouse lobby, restaurant, bar and lounge, and kids’ area. In the interview, she talks about her vision for the project as well as the various materials and aesthetic elements, both rustic and refined, her team is using to curate breathtaking experiences for members of The Magarigawa Club.


She explains the challenges of working with architecture which is yet to be built and describes her use of the Japanese concepts of wabisabi and omotenashi in fusing sophisticated and modern design elements with traditional architecture that is designed to blend in with the natural environment.

Proposed design for the lobby of our clubhouse

Proposed design for the lobby of our clubhouse

Proposed design for our bar and lounge

Proposed design for our bar and lounge

While there are likely more sunny and hot days ahead, the seasons will soon be changing, so we hope you and yours enjoy the rest of your summer and take extra care of yourselves as we head into autumn.