Site Preparation Work Progress

Hello again.


It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through September already. Soon we’ll be enjoying the beautiful scenes of autumn.


In this newsletter, we wanted to let you know about the progress we’ve made at our site. 


At present, the land preparation part of the Paddock Area which includes the Clubhouse and Owner’s paddock is entering its final stages. You will notice from the photos here that the road conditions at and topography of the site have changed quite a bit—in comparison to what you may have seen during the Magarigawa SUV Trail Drive we held last October. You can now see the full outline of our road course.

The photo above was taken in mid-July. Using images taken by drone, it captures nearly the entire course. You can see here how the land has been developed and prepared for the construction of our club. You may want to compare these views with the “Magarigawa Hot Lap” video in our driving simulator. That should give you a feel for how much progress we’ve made so far.

In this photo, you can see how the road for the short main straight has been prepared. The ground surface is almost ready for road paving.

Here you can see how the lot where our clubhouse will be built has been leveled. We will now begin working on the foundations of each building.

Recently we had the professionals at Trans Web, a company that is well known in the world of motorsports and luxurious cars for its vehicle transport service, bring over one of their Scania transporters. It is a massive truck, 16.5m long with a maximum carrying capacity of 27 tons, 410 horsepower, 127400cc, and it will likely be the largest vehicle to drive on the grounds of our club once we officially open our doors. We had the driver bring it through the main entrance to the site and up to the highest point, or the spot where our club house will soon be built.


When the truck arrived at the summit, it was early evening, so we were able to take in the beautiful views at sunset—breathtaking views that all of the club members will be able to enjoy when The Magarigawa Club finally opens.


A year and 4 months have passed since we started working on the site back in May of last year. We are now ready to begin construction of the buildings. We will keep you posted regarding further developments at the site. Enjoy the rest of your September!